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Types of Massage

Types of Massage

VIBES Massage Service specialized areas of scientific massage includes:

  1. Synergistic Therapeutic Massage – It is a combination of 4 kinds of massage which originated, developed and popularized from different countries as follows:
    1. European or Swedish massage
    2. Japanese or shiatsu massage
    3. Chinese Traditional Medicine or Acupressure
    4. Western or hand and foot reflexology

    The combination of 4 kinds of massage from different countries are proven to have therapeutic Value and beneficial effect for the treatment and prevention of common ailments. At VIBES Massage, a combination of 4 kinds can be done at the cubicle area with the application of lubricants while the dry massage at reclinable chair, the application of 3 kinds such as shiatsu or finger pressure, acupressure or massage at acupuncture points or body meridian and hand and foot reflexology applying pressure at nerve endings can be used.

  2. Pinoy Hilot Massage – It is a local or Philippine traditional massage called “hilot” style or rubbing through the surface of the skin using lubricants. This is also popularly known as Swedish massage or effleurage, it is usually demanded for relaxation purpose inside the cubicle.
  3. Oriental Foot Massage – It is an innovative approach for lower extremities ailments and applicable for a 30 minute session using the combination of Pinoy Hilot and Thai Massage.

Types of Services

Types of Services

  1. 1-hour Bed Massage – This is being done inside the cubicle area or bed with the application of lubricants for whole body treatment in one hour or more.
  2. 30-minute Bed Massage – This is also being done inside the cubicle area with the same procedure using lubricants at body parts for only 30 minutes.
  3. Chair or Dry Massage (1 hour) – This is being done at reclinable chair and not in the cubicle area with no application of any lubricants for holistic approach or whole body, it can be done for one hour or more and for body parts, a 30 minute session is enough.

Clinic Services

Clinic Services

For Clinic Services, visit us at:

SM Malls:

SM City Bicutan Bldg. B CP# 0932-8528976

SM City Calamba 3/F CP# 0922-8047210

SM City Lucena – 3/F CP# 0922-8423705

SM City Rosales – CP# 0922-8042691

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Home Services

Home Service

For home service, contact a Vibes Center near you:

  1. Metro Manila 788 8997
  2. Rizal   658 3403
  3. Corporate massage – Tel. no. 655-8647 / 348-3401

Other Services

Other Services

Other Programs and Services:

  1. Corporate Massage
  2. Basic and advanced training along massage
  3. Musical entertainment (blind musicians for hire)

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